General Questions

What makes Quadro different from other climbing toys?

  • Everything from Quadro can be combined. An original kit from 1979 is compatible with anything we sell today.
  • Quadro comes with a 6-year guarantee on connectors, tubes, screws and panels, far above the industry standard.
  • Quadro is an extremely versatile construction system — you can build something else rather than buy something else.
  • Quadro lasts an entire childhood making it more valuable than single-use themed toys that lose their appeal after a while.
  • Quadro can be used indoors or outdoors any time of the year.
  • Quadro is an honest product designed to last for generations rather than becoming obsolete in a few years.
  • Quadro parts are recyclable, making them much more environmentally friendly than many wooden playsets, some of which are treated with chemicals to protect against the elements and decay.

Are “Pro” products compatible with normal Quadro kits?

Yes. The same components are used for all our kits, whether Pro or not.

How should I understand the recommended age for a Quadro product?

The recommended age for some of our products is up to 4 years. Of course, Quadro can be enjoyed much longer than that. Then what does the age represent? It’s to give you an idea of how long the product will be fun for your child based on its size and complexity. To keep things interesting, you can always change your Quadro into different designs, even without the purchase of additional extensions or parts.

As your child grows and their abilities advance, your designs can become larger and more complex with additional parts and kits. All Quadro products are compatible with each other. Add a slide to any climbing frame, turn your fort into a soapbox with wheels — Quadro is active play without boundaries.

Is there a maximum age for using Quadro?

No. General Quadro usage is without age restriction. If a particular design no longer suits a grown child, it can be adapted to a more fitting use — for example, as a piece of furniture.

How important is the parts count when choosing a construction or extension kit?

The raw number of parts in a construction or extension kit should not be the most important factor when deciding which kit to buy. It is the diversity of parts which determine the age group and play styles a kit is designed for. The pricing system is fair so that you and your child can concentrate on the kit that fits you best.

Are new Quadro parts compatible with older sets?

Yes! All Quadro parts are compatible with each other, all the way back to the original from 1979. If you have found or inherited older parts, we recommend inspecting them for cracks, fading or any other damage before building with them.

A good test is to construct a cube using 35 cm tubes and a panel, and put it under a load of 100 kg. A slight bending of the panel is normal, and it should reshape after the weight is removed. We also recommend cleaning the older components before combining them with new ones, as sand and dirt can make connections more difficult.

If you are looking for inspiration, visit the Quadro Model Database. Additionally, you can create your own designs in 3D using our Quadro Design Program for Windows. You can find it in our Downloads section.

Are a kit’s part colors evenly divided?

Colors are divided as evenly as possible, but not perfectly as not every kit comes with an even number of parts.

Can I construct designs with only the Upgrade Kit?

No! The Upgrade Kit enhances construction kits like the Climbing Pyramid and Universal. On its own, the parts are not comprehensive enough to build a climbing frame. You can find examples of combinations with the Upgrade Kit in our Model Database.

What is the aluminum profile for?

The aluminum profile fulfills various areas of application. It is primarily used to help our pool kits withstand the stress of water weight over years of use.

The aluminum profile is also used in QUADROpro models, which endure thousands of children throughout the year.

What happened to the Double Tube from the 80s and 90s?

The Double Tube was replaced by the Double Tube Connector. The Double Tube Connectors are considerably more stable and can withstand much higher loads. The Double Tube from the 80s and 90s consisted of two tubes welded together. Two Double Tube Connectors connect two standard Tubes in an extremely stable manner.

Technically speaking, the same models can be realized. So you can replace a Double Tube with 2 Double Tube Connectors plus 2 tubes.

Safety and Environmental Concerns

How safe is Quadro?

Quadro is very safe. It’s free of PVC, BPA, PAHs, phthalates and lead. Quadro parts exceed the European safety requirements for toys (EN 71).

Our safety certifications:

  • DIN EN 71-1:2013-12*
  • DIN EN 71-3:2013-07*
  • DIN EN 71-8:2013-8:2011-11*
  • ZEK 01.4-08 / QMA 2001.1284*
  • DIN EN 15777 / QMA 2001.1300
  • DIN EN ISO 17294-2
  • TÜV GS (01/27/2014)

What is Quadro made of?

Quadro is mainly made of polypropylene (PP) and high density polyethylene (HDPE), both plastics considered safe for food packaging and containers.

Is Quadro environmentally friendly?

Polypropylene (PP) and high-density polyethylene (HDPE) are marked with the recycling codes 5 and 2 respectively.

Polypropylene is one of the most neutral plastics and contains only two elements: carbon and hydrogen. Both plastics are considered safer, non-toxic and environmentally friendly alternatives to other plastics.

What is the maximum weight Quadro can support?

That depends on the design. A cube constructed with 35 cm tubes and a panel can support a 100 kg adult without the panel breaking or being damaged. The panel will bend slightly and regain its shape when it is no long under load.

However, a 2 x 2 Quadro frame reinforced with a Plexiglas top can withstand a 5-ton African elephant. We know that because somebody tried it.

Durability and Maintenance

What temperatures can Quadro withstand?

The plastics Quadro is made from are also used in food packaging, making the parts resilient within a temperature range of -10 to 40 ºC (14 to 104 ºF).

Note: Low temperatures can quickly lead to water on panels freezing, creating a danger of slipping.

What is the maximum weight Quadro can support?

Tubes and Connectors

Maximum continuous load: 220 lbs (100 kg)


Maximum continuous load: 110 lbs (50 kg)
Short-term peak load: 220 lbs (100 kg)

Fun Fact

A 2 x 2 Quadro frame reinforced with an acrylic glass top can withstand a 5-ton African elephant. We know this because somebody tried it.

Does Quadro fade in the sun?

Quadro is treated with an ultraviolet (UV) stabilizer for protection against the sun and its effects on color. However, nothing can resist the sun’s power indefinitely. Given enough time in the sun, Quadro will slowly begin to lose its shine.

We have customers who have kept original sets from the 80s outdoors for over 15 years. The components were still red, but dull rather than shiny.

Why do I see white marks in a part?

This is called “stress whitening” and is a normal side effect of the plastics used by Quadro (polypropylene or PP, and high-density polyethylene or HDPE). Over-stressing a component can cause discoloration. This is unavoidable. However, this is only cosmetic damage — the component is still structurally sound and can remain in use.

Note: Our 6-year guarantee covers damaged or broken components and not cosmetic wear.

Are Quadro parts washing machine friendly?

Sure! But don’t use a water temperature over 40 ºC (warm, not hot).

Can I use Quadro in chlorine or salt water?

Yes. Quadro is made from polypropylene (PP) and high-density polyethylene (HDPE), which are resistant to salt, acids and bases, grease and detergents. Of course, exposing Quadro to chlorine or salt water means its shine will fade sooner than normal.

Design and Construction Tips

Is there a way to design a construction project before building it?

The Quadro Design Program (Windows) was specially developed for that purpose. It’s a 3D editor for creating and customizing your own designs. You can find it in our Downloads section.

The program opens “QDF” files. Download a design’s QDF file from the QUADRO Model Database to quickly get started customizing.

Where can I download instruction manuals?

You can find instruction manuals as well as other information about kits and designs by visiting the QUADRO Model Database.

Where can I download a design’s QDF file?

QDF files are available for download at the QUADRO Model Database. There you can find more information about kits and designs.

What is a QDF file?

A Quadro Design File (QDF) contains a 3D model of a Quadro construction. It is fully editable using our QUADRO Design Program (Windows). You can find it in our Downloads section.

It’s also possible to create your own designs from scratch and save the QDF for later reference or editing. Your imagination is the limit. Have fun designing!

Can I build furniture with Quadro?

Yes, of course! Quadro is a construction system using tubes, connectors and panels, making it perfect for building anything.

Why am I having difficulty separating the parts?

Normally Quadro is as easy to take apart as it is to build. However, it can become more difficult under certain circumstances. For example:

  • Your kit hasn’t been taken apart for years
  • It has been left in all kinds of weather
  • It had been constructed in a sandy area

This problem is reversible. We recommend the following:

  1. The day before taking it apart, hose the model down with water. (Skip this step if the temperatures are around freezing.)
  2. Take the model apart around midday when the outdoor temperature is peaking.
  3. Try disassembling now. If certain parts remain difficult to separate, use a mild liquid lubricant from a spray bottle to reduce the friction between the parts. Give them a little shake and turn to distribute the lubricant.
  4. Be sure to use a key that gets good torque on the screw.
  5. Next, remove all screws from the model. Only then begin to remove the pipes from the connectors.
  6. Once the model is completely disassembled, give all parts a thorough cleaning to remove any dirt, sand, grass, etc.
  7. Damaged parts should be replaced with new ones. (The age of your kit does not matter as original parts from 1979 are still compatible with today’s.)

What happened to the Double Tube from the 80s and 90s?

The Double Tube was replaced by the Double Tube Connector. The Double Tube Connectors are considerably more stable and can withstand much higher loads. The Double Tube from the 80s and 90s consisted of two tubes welded together. Two Double Tube Connectors connect two standard Tubes in an extremely stable manner.

Technically speaking, the same models can be realized. So you can replace a Double Tube with 2 Double Tube Connectors plus 2 tubes.

Can I construct designs with only the Upgrade Kit?

No! The Upgrade Kit enhances construction kits like the Climbing Pyramid and Universal. On its own, the parts are not comprehensive enough to build a climbing frame. You can find examples of combinations with the Upgrade Kit in our Model Database.

Are the Double Tube Connectors under tension?

Yes. The Double Tube Connector is slightly angled, so that depending on its rotation it will either push a connected ramp lightly onto the floor, or support a ramp that is pointing upward.

You can see a good example of this here. An illustration for how to install the Double Tube Connector can be found in the QUADRO safety instructions under 1.12. Find it in the Downloads section.

Can the Round Textile be stretched tight?

The Round Textile (00363) — not the Roof Textile (00353) — may be tight. Especially when it is gathered, this strengthens the tight fit. It can even give the impression that it does not fit at all. This happens especially during installation when on one side it already half covers the tube, while on the other side you start to pull it onto the tube. Please note the illustrations under 1.19 in the Quadro Safety guide. It shows that the textile always covers both tubes in equal parts from the start. Just make sure that at the time of installation both tubes must always be covered with the same amount of textile and then pulled evenly over the tubes.

What is the aluminum profile for?

The aluminum profile fulfills various areas of application. It is primarily used to help our pool kits withstand the stress of water weight over years of use.

The aluminum profile is also used in QUADROpro models, which endure thousands of children throughout the year.

Quadro Slides

What is the difference between the 3 Quadro slides?

All three slides are made in Germany and fully compatible with the entire Quadro system. The differences are in the details. Below is an explanation.

Curved Slide

A space-saving design, the curved body enables the construction of compact designs.

In addition, it can be used to create a double slide by removing the yellow runout to connect a Modular Slide.

Dimensions: 125 x 85 x 90 cm (49.2 x 33.5 x 35.4 in)

Modular Slide

This is a classic straight slide ideal for any Quadro climbing frame. It has been one of the best-selling straight slides in the world for the past 30 years.

It can also be used to create a double slide by removing the yellow runout and connecting a second Modular Slide.

Dimensions: 165 x 48 x 90 cm (65 x 18.9 x 35.4 in)

Integrated Slide

This single-part slide is manufactured differently than our other slides. An upper and lower shell are permanently connected to form an extremely rigid body. In addition, no screws are required for assembly or attaching it to the frame, thereby reducing the maintenance requirements. The slide runout sits about 20 cm (7.9 in) high, so children can exit the slide on their feet.

Dimensions: 140 x 50 x 95 cm (55.1 x 19.7 x 37.4 in)


  1. The Curved and Modular Slide can be raised from the ground so that the runout is higher.
  2. The Modular and Curved Slide’s runout can be removed to construct a double slide. The platform height required for a double slide is 165 cm without a pool and 205 cm with a pool.
  3. All slides, whether alone or as a double slide, can be combined with Pool L or Pool XXL. The Integrated Slide, due to its 20 cm runout height, can only be used with Pool XXL.
  4. Due to the Integrated Slide’s 20 cm runout height, it is not compatible with the Slip and Slide extension.
  5. All slides have a water hose connection.
  6. The high rigidity of the Integrated Slide is also achieved in the Modular and Curved Slides when they are attached to their frame. Technically speaking, all slides achieve the same stability when installed.
  7. All slides are compatible with the entire Quadro range, whether recently purchased or inherited from 1979.
  8. All slides can be used in winter and summer, indoor or outdoor.

How can I achieve the perfect sliding conditions for my Quadro slide?

You can improve sliding conditions for all QUADRO slides as follows:

  • Make sure that the humidity is not too high (30-40%) and the ambient temperature is around 20-23° C (68-74º F).
  • Your children’s play clothes should contain a lower percentage of synthetic materials or none at all.
  • Maintain the sliding surface with car interior cleaners.
  • If the slide is old and worn out, we recommend replacing it, as well as any other parts that have been affected by heavy use. You can buy all parts separately.
  • For maximum sliding fun connect a water hose! You can also combine your kit with a Pool L, Pool XXL or the Slip and Slide and you will have your own waterpark! Watch the videos below for a better impression.

How can I reduce the buildup of static electricity?

There are the following basic tips in order not to unnecessarily impair the fun of the game through electrostatic charge.

Air humidity

An important factor for the containment of electrostatic charge is the air humidity. The drier the air, the stronger the charge! A humidity of 40% should normally be sufficient to minimise the risk of static electricity. However, this value must be measured regularly and adjusted with room humidifiers if necessary. It should also be noted that moist cloths underneath the Quadro frame do not immediately produce the desired effect, but need some time. In gardens, briefly watering the substrate would be a quick solution.

Floor covering

Low humidity in combination with rubber soles that are moved over laminate, for example, leads to friction and thus to electrical charging — which cannot be dissipated due to the insulating properties of plastics. You should therefore avoid rubber soles.

Slide runout

It is also helpful to cover the runout of the slide (only the bottom side!) with aluminium foil. Experience has shown that sliding leads to the highest friction and thus electrostatic charging. The aluminium foil works against this.

Why is attaching the runout to the slide so difficult?

Attaching these slide parts is not the same as general tube and connector assembly. This is a 2-person job. The parts need to be aligned carefully in order for the screw to turn easily. You may need to use a thick flathead screwdriver for greater torque.

Quadro Pools

What are the dimensions and article numbers for all Quadro pool kits, liners and covers?

Here is a summary of all the pool information for you here.

Pool XS

Pool kit: not available
Pool liner: 10017
Pool cover: 11218 (includes fasteners)

Constructed: 85 x 85 x 25 cm (33.5 x 33.5 x 9.9 in)
Pool internal: 82.5 x 82.5 x 25 cm (32.5 x 32.5 x 9.8 in)

Pool Liner XS is perfectly suited for the Evolution kit. Check out the following combination of Evolution with Pool Liner XS.

Pool S

Pool kit: 10960
Pool liner: 10012
Pool cover: 11220 (includes fasteners)

Constructed: 145 x 85 x 25 cm (57.1 x 33.5 x 9.9 in)
Pool internal: 122.5 x 82.5 x 25 cm (48.2 x 32.5 x 9.8 in)

Pool L

Pool kit: 11670
Pool liner: 10022
Pool cover: 11219 (includes fasteners)

Constructed: 245 x 125 x 45 cm (96.5 x 49.2 x 17.7 in)
Pool internal: 162.5 x 122.5 x 45 cm (64 x 48.2 x 17.7 in)

Pool XXL

Pool kit: 11680
Pool liner: 10032
Pool cover: 11221 (includes fasteners)

Constructed: 325 x 125 x 45 cm (128 x 49.2 x 17.7 in)
Pool internal: 242.5 x 122.5 x 45 cm (95.5 x 48.2 x 17.7 in)

How do I completely empty the pool?

To remove the water beneath the valve, go to the opposite end of the pool and lightly lift up on it to continue draining the water. The water level will sink low enough that it is safe for you to flip the pool over.

The drainage valve on Quadro pools is positioned higher to prevent damage to the bottom of the pool liner.

Why does the pool have a slimy film?

It’s called biofilm. The longer water stands, the more time naturally occurring bacteria have to live and grow, forming a slimy substance on surfaces. We recommend changing the water daily (maximum 2 days). Since this is a children’s pool, we advise against using additives. Clean the pool with normal household cleaners.

How do I attach the cover to my Quadro pool?

Below is an example of how to attach the cover to Pool L. The technique is the same for any Quadro pool. The supplied rubber loops of the cover are stretched around the panel screws (also supplied), which are previously attached in the lower area of the pool. The tight fit is necessary so that the cover sits as securely as possible.

How many balls can fit in a Quadro pool?

The below amounts are based on balls with a diameter of 6 cm (2.4 in).

  • Pool XS: less than 500
  • Pool S: 500
  • Pool L: 2000
  • Pool XXL: 3000

Quadro Pool Platforms

How does Quadro compare with suppliers of aluminum or PVC platforms?

  • Quadro offers more designs and color options
  • Quadro platforms are lightweight and easy to take out of water for storage
  • Quadro is easy to assemble
  • Quadro is modular which allows for design modifications
  • Quadro damaged parts are simple to replace

Why do I need to use ballast weights?

Quadro Pool Platforms are not anchored. The plastic components have a lower density than water (Archimedes Principle). That means they will float even when the tubes are flooded. The platform will only rest on the bottom of the pool by adding ballast weights. We recommend simple weights such bodybuilding plate weights or scuba weights. They are placed on panels located on the bottom of each pool platform.

Learn more here.

Why does Quadro not include or sell ballast weights?

  • Some customers already have some type of weights and do not want to pay extra.
  • We do not have the purchasing power to get them cheaper than you can. We would have to charge you more for the same weights you could buy separately.
  • Special packing and extra shipping for the weights will also add considerably to the cost of a platform.

Can the platforms be used by older children or adults?

We do not recommend that the pool platforms be used by children over the age of 6 or over 110 lb (50 kg).

The actual tube structures are very strong and can support 220 lb (100 kg), but each panel has a recommended weight limit of 110 pounds (50 kg).

Caution: Do not let children bounce or jump on the panels or they may crack. They are not trampolines.

To increase user weight limits on platforms, some customers have reported attaching large sheets of 1/4" plexiglass or phenol to the top of the whole platform with stainless steel screws. Prior to using, all the corners and edges of the plexi have to be rounded off to avoid cuts and scratches. We have not tested this method and therefore cannot recommend it. We do not supply "special tops" because they are expensive to produce and ship.

How safe are the the structures?

The pool platforms are rugged and designed to work in an adult-supervised environment. Safety is 100% the responsibility of the users and/or supervisors.

Can children swim under the pool platforms?

It would not be safe for children to swim underneath the platforms. We have created Closed versions of our platforms to prevent it altogether.

Supervisors, instructors, parents and other guardians are fully responsibility for safety when using the pool platforms.

How easy is it to assemble the pool platforms?

We provide detailed, step-by-step, level-by-level instructions. Assembly requires basic handyman skills. The smallest designs may take 30 minutes, the larger ones may take several hours. It all depend on the size and type of platform, the number of installers and their skill level. It’s very easy if you read and follow the instructions.

How often can I take a platform out of the pool?

If it is a small platform you can take it out every day.
If it is a large platform, keep the platform in the pool as long as you can.

The platform is constructed of many connected parts. Every time you take it out of and put it back in the water, you put stress on the system. The larger the unit, the greater the stress.

Always follow our instructions on how to remove from the water.

How do you get the platforms out of the water?

1. Remove the ballast weights.
2. Push the platform to the edge of the pool.
3. The larger the platform, the more people are needed to help.
4. PUSH and tip the platform out of the pool and let the water drain out.
5. Do not "PULL" the platform out of the water or you will stress the connections.

Storing the pool platforms?

Depending on the available space, you can remove the platforms from the pool, and then easily store the platform flat, or on their sides, or on their end. Do not hang the platforms from walls or ceilings. You can also take it apart and reassemble it for the next season.

Are the pool platforms easy to move on land?

Generally, the smaller units weigh 20-50 lbs and can be moved by a single person. You have to let the water drain out of the structures before moving. For larger units, use more people to move the platfom.

Do NOT drag the platforms on the sides of the pool or you will scuff and add wear to the components.

You may wish to use furniture sliding pads underneath your platform to move on land. Available at most stores that sell home furnishings and supplies.

Can you use a pool vacuum with a pool platform in the pool?

Yes - best if you purchase the "closed" pool platform version. Since these models are completely enclosed under water, the vacuum will just bump into it as if it were hitting the pool wall. If you have "open" models, there is the possibility the vacuum head can get caught up in the platform.

What if my pool slopes or has rounded sides?

Could be a deal-breaker. See the page on Sloping Pool. We cannot change the design of our platform to accommodate rounded sides, or non-flat pool bottoms.

Our platforms can only be designed in a square or rectangular configuration. We cannot adapt the components to match the different shapes of pool sides or bottoms. We have not found any kind of product that can fill gaps or spaces between the platform and the sides of the pool.

We also recommend that the platforms NOT be placed close to the sides of the pool in order to avoid accidents caused by kids trying to jump from the pool side to the platform or from the platform to the side of the pool

Can they be used in chlorinated water?

Yes. The components are made of thermoplastic (polyethylene and polypropylene) and can be safely used in all types of water including salt and chlorinated water. Over time, however, the tubes and panels may exhibit some discoloration due to exposure to the minerals or chemicals in the water. The plastic components do not actually discolor. They are coated with minerals and chemicals in the water.

Will the panels discolor in salt or chorine water?

Over time, the mineral in the water will create a whitish film or coating, primarily on the panels. The plastic panels themselves are not actually disclored. We recommend regular cleaning with a mild liquid abrassive like SofScrub. Make sure the pool platform is completely rinsed off before returning into the pool. Do not use harsh abrasives or they may scratch the plastic.

Is there color fading from the sun?

The thermoplastic components contain UV inhibitors to slow down fading from the sun. However, outdoor exposure of the tubes and panels to direct sunlight for prolonged periods of time will eventually result in some fading. The stronger the direct sunlight and the longer the exposure, the greater the fading. Even if there is eventually some color fading, it will not affect the quality or durability of the components. Currently the manufacturer does not have a permanent solution to some color fading due to extended exposure to sunlight.

How do you ship?

Each system is shipped as an un-assembled kit (tubes, connectors, panels, screws etc) packed in cartons and normally delivered by Fedex. The cost of shipping will vary with the size/weight of the cartons and the destination. We ship across the USA and to Canada. For other Western Hemisphere destinations, we will ship to your freight forwarder on the USA border or at a USA port.

International shipping?

Canada - We ship Fedex Ground (you cannot order online)

Mexico - We ship Fedex Ground to your Freight Forwarder on the border (you cannot order online)

For Central and South America and the Caribbean - We only ship to a USA port to your Freight Forwarder.

We do not ship outside of the Americas.

Can platforms be used on vinyl pool liners?

Basically, yes - assuming that you have a firm, flat and smooth base underneath the liner. All the pool platforms components are "rounded" - and have no sharp edges to cut or damage the liner, and, each structure has a broad footprint to spread out the weight of kids standing or sitting on it. We are not responsible for punctures from underneath the liner. We cannot guarantee that over time, if the platform is left in exactly the same place and after some period of time (months/years), there "may" eventually be some wearing of the liners. You are also responsible for ensuring that any weights you use do not damage the liner.

Are the panels slippery?

Panels do not have a non-slip surface. The panels are made of smooth polyethelyene and do not have a pebbled or non-slip surface. You also have the option of spray painting with a on-slip plastic paint (eg Plastikote) or applying shower/bathetub non-slip stickers. We do not supply either the paint or the stickers. We cannot be responsible for any effect that may be caused by painting the panels or applying non-slip stickers - these are not our products. Our suggestions are not permanent solutions.

How do you clean?

For general cleaning, you can use any non-abrasive household cleaner. If you use abrasive cleaners it may take the shine off the thermoplastic components. You need to test first on a small area.

To ensure no mineral buildup from your water, regularly use a cleaner like SofScrub.

Can the designs be modified?

Yes. The modular system allows you to change the design any way you want. Many of our customers have downloaded the 3-D program and created their own tot pool platform from scratch. Customers have also changed the design by ordering additional parts. Think of the system as a "large scale" Lego set.

What happens if a component breaks?

Simple. Take it out and replace it with a new piece. The system is totally modular. You can order extra components from us.

What happens off-season?

In the off-season, you can take the platform apart and build something else. The Quadro pool platforms are modular systems created from assembling a variety of components. For ideas, see other websites and

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