Multimedia CD-ROM

Multimedia CD-ROM

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With the QUADRO 3D Program you can draft your own construction designs. Turn your ideas into reality, or modify one of our own designs. You don't need any previous experience using 3D software. The QUADRO 3D Program is easy to use! Simply click the mouse to add tubes, panels and a variety of special components.

The program is smart! It will automatically add the correct connector so that you don't have to take the time selecting it. Instead, you can simply keep clicking to add tubes.

Thanks to a detailed Parts List view, you can quickly see an overview of which components you need to build your design.

You can also download the full version of the software for free in our Downloads section!

Additionally, you can find all QUADRO designs that are listed in the Kit Manuals as QDFs at Simply open them up in the program to edit them.