The quality of QUADRO is top notch. You can let your fantasy run wild and always build new things. And after some time, it can be expanded. We’re already looking forward to the summer to put it together in our garden!”
Richard is 2
Baby Castle with Ramp
12 mo and up
We've built a football goal, a house and a small tower for the kids pool. With the help of a computer program you can design many other models yourself and order the additional components from QUADRO. That's how we created a bigger climbing house — the kids love it!”
Laura is 4½
The QUADRO construction kits are simply wonderful. Very sturdy, look great and the kids have a ton of fun. Climbing, sliding, jumping — what more do you want!”
Laura is 4½
Mom’s new hobby. Super quality and simply safe!”
Hannah is 1½
The Learning Tower
18 mo and up
QUADRO Slip and Slide Extension
The system is flexible and easy to customize to suit the wishes, age and abilities of the children. Changes can be made quickly and simply and ensures that the children remain interested and challenged. The structures can also safely withstand multiple children and their creative ideas by ensuring a stable, well-connected design. Whether playing house, hide and seek, sliding, or climbing, this is a hit for our children and their friends!”
M. Ross
Tamina is 8
Climbing House with Ladder and Modular Slide
24 mo and up
QUADRO is top-of-the-line and very easy to handle.”
Lara is 12 months
Hole Panel Playpen with Tunnel and Baby Slide
12 mo and up
We bought QUADRO after seeing it at a friend’s place. We are still very excited about it. It’s stable and sturdy and we have no doubt that it can be used just as well in 5 years.”
Lara is 9½ months
Large Water Play Table with Storage Box
12 mo and up
Our child’s preschool loves QUADRO. It is all that was advertised and more! Strong, sturdy, portable and safe for the kids. The teacher considers it one of the best investments the pre-school has made.”
David Hogle, Purchasing Parent
Lynwood, WAUnited States
Jack is 11

QUADRO — The Giant Construction Toy

Made in Germany and Sold Worldwide Since 1979

With QUADRO the possibilities are almost limitless. Build a kids climbing frame with or without a slide, a cubby house with a ball pit, a climbing tower with a pool, a pirate ship or even a car….with QUADRO you can! Playing with QUADRO is an adventure enabling your children to explore their creativity and imagination. There’s always something new to imagine, build and play with – so they never get bored!

QUADRO play equipment is also a great way for parents to spend quality time with their children, designing and building kids climbing equipment together.

QUADRO comes with a 6 year guarantee providing many years of play, adapting to meet the new demands of your child as they grow, creating precious childhood memories and experiences in the process.

There’s no other kids play equipment that is as versatile and cost-effective as QUADRO.

QUADRO is easy to use
QUADRO is safe
QUADRO grows with your child
QUADRO is ideal for outdoor and indoor use
QUADRO develops fine and gross motor skills
QUADRO encourages physical activity
QUADRO creates adventures and memories

READ MORE and immerse yourself in the world of QUADRO. Find out what QUADRO can be for your child!

Perfect for every age

From baby to toddler to schoolchild, QUADRO is a reliable and safe companion. As children grow QUADRO continues to adapt to meet their demands, providing fun and challenges. Experience has shown that children climb and play very actively with QUADRO up to 8 years of age.

From the age of 8 years children can design, construct and use their own models such as table and chairs, a bookcase, or storage box.

Pay attention to the child symbol

We do not limit the age of our products because it is simply not possible to limit this to such a versatile product.

 6 mo

Plenty of Exercise for a Healthy Mind and Body

Active play is essential for a child’s healthy growth and development. QUADRO gets your child moving! Whether it’s a kids climbing frame in the backyard or a cubby house in the living room, QUADRO can adapt to any environment in an easy and secure way.

QUADRO Promotes Child Development

QUADRO is a great way for children learn through play and assists the development of fine and gross motor skills from the age of 6 months. With a diameter of 5 cm, the QUADRO tubes are ideal for small hands.

Safety for Your Child

QUADRO play equipment is designed and manufactured to meet stringent safety standards. Components are extremely durable, non-flammable, non-toxic and have no sharp edges or protruding parts. QUADRO is also odourless and we ensure it does not expose your child to any harmful chemicals – it is free of PVC, PAH, BPA and softeners.

The QUADRO System

Assembled in 3 easy steps

Built to Last

QUADRO is made from high quality plastics and is designed to be used all year round for many years. QUADRO tubes can cope with loads of more than 100 kg which is important because they are the foundation of the QUADRO constructions and have to withstand years of play.

QUADRO play equipment provides strength and durability without the weight of metal and unlike other kids climbing toys it doesn’t rust or corrode like metal, or splinter like wood.

Many of our kids climbing frames from the 70’s and 80’s are still in use today – thanks to well thought-out engineering!

QUADRO Grows with Your Child

Climbing frame, ball pit, slide, wheels – everything is quick and easy to do with QUADRO. Thanks to the numerous extensions and individual parts you get to decide how you expand your QUADRO on the basis of your child’s abilities and desires. After all, you know what’s best for your child!

From Outdoors to Indoors and Back Again!

Made from high quality, UV Stabilised materials QUADRO play equipment is designed to be used all year round, outdoors and indoors.

In contrast to other kids outdoor toys, you can bring QUADRO indoors from the backyard at any time. QUADRO does not absorb any disturbing odours or liquids, can be easily cleaned with normal household detergents and thanks to the high-density QUADRO parts it does not rub off and leave marks. So it’s no problem putting your QUADRO on the bright white carpet in the living room!

Sun, rain, wind or snow does not harm your QUADRO. You can use it in chlorinated or salt water. Sand and dirt can be easily washed off. It is the ultimate all-weather toy.

The New QUADRO Model Database

Over 400 construction designs and growing!

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