FUJI Climbing Mountain

FUJI Climbing Mountain

5.4 × 5.4 × 4.1 ft
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Challenge, Climb, Explore, Succeed - The most functional, portable and practical pure climbing structures for pre-school ages boys and girls. The colorful climbers are a very compact, safe and affordable solution to allow young children the ability to gain confidence, test their coordination, and improve balance, stamina  and strength. The Climbing Mountains are easy to assemble, move, clean and maintain. Over a 30 year proven safety record. Components are made from precision engineered non-toxic thermoplastic for many years of use. Down the road, if you want to expand or change your model, just order extra parts a-la-carte.


Proven to hold its value through decades of use

Includes detailed DIY instructions, safety manual

Recommended weight under 110 lbs (50 Kg)

Adult supervision recommended during construction and use

Components are made from extremely durable thermoplastic UV treated, non-toxic materials

No sharp or dangerous corners or edges.

Easy to clean and maintain

Engineered and manufactured in Germany

Meets ASTM F1918 and F-1478 residential playground safety standards for the 2-5 year old age group

Worldwide shipments since1979


Total LWH: 5.4' x 5.4' x 4.1'
Capacity: 8
Fall Height: 33"
Age Appropriate: 2-5 years